Outdoor Shockproof Sealed Tackle Box



  • Material:ABS plastic 
  • Size:A(small)B(large)C(professional) 
  • Outer size:170x110x48mm/6.69x4.33x1.89"/190x120x52mm/7.48x4.72x2.05" 
  • Internal size:150x80x40mm/5.91x3.15x1.57"/160x90x44mm/6.30x3.54x1.73"/170x70x75mm/6.69x2.76x2.95" 
  • Internal depth: 18mm/0.71" 20mm/0.79" 
  • Net weight:150g, 190g, 343g


    • A/B: 
    • The interior has shock-absorbing rubber sponge pad, suitable for loading small, miniature electronic devices.  
    • It can well protect the internal equipment from being cut by rocks; 
    • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof; 
    • C: 
    • A waterproof box that can be competent in any environment in all weathers; easy to carry in outdoor activities; 
    • Impact resistant ABS engineering plastics and stainless steel and other accessories, a buffer rubber mat which can be easily installed and unloaded; solid and opaque design effectively prevents light penetration; 
    • Specially designed for the protection of precision equipment, instruments or other objects, effective waterproof, not affected by external dust or 

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